I'm concerned, but should I be?

Here is the thing: I personally don't believe this was a phenomenal year for Apple. Good? Yes. But I wasn't mind blown. My biggest concern with Apple is that they're not innovating anymore. With competitors like Google - who just released Google Maps for iOS to take over Apple Maps, and is working on Project Glass - and Samsung (spit on the ground) - I'm not sure how Apple can make a big turn around.

Now I know some people will comment saying how Apple makes quality products and how they're better than the rest. Yes, that's very true. But the competition is growing and I'm getting concerned.

I think 2013 is a very important year for Apple. They need to come out with an incredible revamp on Maps, iOS, OSX, and - most importantly - they need to come out with something NEW. And with Jony Ive now higher in the ranks, I'm optimistic.

Fingers crossed for 2013.