Stores promoting Windows 8 devices... without touchscreens!

I walked into my local PC World today, eager to use Windows 8/RT for the first time with a touchscreen. I have been using it since February on my desktop PC without touch, and I was desperate to try it out. I spotted the first Windows 8 device, a laptop, touched the screen... and nothing happened. A streak appeared, as if I had touched my desktop PC monitor. It wasn't touch screen! I tried another, and another, and nothing happened, until I eventually found one (that was quite hidden) that had a touch screen. It was awesome. I never want to use a non-touch Windows 8 device again (I'll have to, but I don't want to)... it just felt so, well, fast and fluid. Very natural.

Anyway, I'm really worried that stores are pushing non-touch Windows 8 devices. Sure, Windows 8 does work fine with just mouse/keyboard - I'm typing this now in modern IE with the Mail app snapped to the side. But it isn't as good as it could be, and people might dismiss Windows 8 automatically because it isn't that good. Stores really need to push the touch screen devices to the front, and put signs saying "touch my screen, or use mouse/keyboard - you choose!

".What do you think? Have you encountered this?

tl;dr Stores are promoting non-touch W8 devices, and that sucks.