Should Apple abandon its own Maps app?

Hey guys,

The cat's out of the bag: Google released Google Maps app, outclassing Apple's own sollution in pretty much every aspect.

So this gets me wondering. Should Apple even bother developping their own (very expensive) mapping sollution? Getting the quality of the maps itself at Google's level is gonna cost years and millions if not billions of dollars. The only rational reason to develop such an app, would be that Google refuses to develop one themselves.

And face it, Apple has historically been poor at services. They have amazing hardware and software (tough I think iOS is geting really really stale, hopefully that changes now Forestall is out) but every service they attempted to launch either failed massively or had very limited success.

.Mac, MobileMe, Ping, now the Maps, Messages, that awkward shared photo stream thing in iOS ... Even iCloud is something pretty half-baked in its current state I think. And they all had one big issue in common: cross-platform compatibility. Apple seems to think people will use a service because it works well with their Apple devices, in reality, most people buy devices that work well with the services they use. That's why every service Apple launches fails: it only works on Apple products.

Improving Apple Maps is gonna cost them a fortune and I honestly don't think they'll ever achieve the quality level of Google Maps. Even if Apple invests billions to improve the quality of the maps, adds POI's, does it's own street-view thing and adds indoor maps, they'll still make it so that all your favourite destinations and planned trips are only available on iOS devices, whereas with Google maps you can access your stuff from virtually anywhere.

Should Apple not just... give up on services in general and focus on what they're good at?

PS: Sorry for potential spelling and grammar errors, I'm not a native speaker and typing this without English spell-check.