iPhone 5 is Officially HERE in the Philippines! First Impressions From A Current iPhone User

An iPhone 5 display unit in a Globe Store in Ayala Center Cebu.


Months after it was released in the US, the iPhone 5 will be available to customers in the Philippines, as well as more than 50 other countries on December 14.

GLOBE and SMART are currently duking it out for the attention of the customers so that they would buy iPhone 5s from them. Tweets from news sites and telco representatives are reporting on their respective launch parties:

Here in Cebu City, where I live, I managed to get first-hand experience with the iPhone 5 since it was on display at the Globe Store in Ayala Center Cebu today. I was so ecstatic that I had to try it as soon as I saw it! Remember, these are just first impressions. This means that I only had a few minutes with the phone since it was a display unit in the store. Here we go..

Thin and Light? CERTAINLY.

The first thing I noticed when trying out the iPhone 5 is that it is really lighter! According to Apple, it only weighs 112g. It really feels very light in the hand, that if it wasn't for the thing that holds it to the podium, I might have dropped it. Good thing they went for an aluminum back this time in order for it to be more durable than the 4 and 4S.

It is thinner as well, I tried comparing it to my iPhone 4 and there is a noticeable difference at 7.6 mm. I could easily clamp more of the iPhone 5's screen with my hand. The industrial design is simply unmatched by any other manufacturer out there. I was truly amazed by the weight and thinness of this phone.

The 4-Inch Screen

When I saw that the iPhone 5 had a larger screen, it was a mixed bag for me. Although it would be a good thing, I wasn't so sure how the apps that are not updated would work. Good thing Apple decided to put black bars on the sides so that apps would not look weird. On the black model, it isn't obvious as the black bars match very well with the phone so it seems that the phone got taller without the increase in screen size.

Of course, the apps that take advantage of the new 4-inch screen look amazing. Watching video and listening to music while looking at full album art is nice. While reading articles from tech sites like The Verge, I could read a lot more than I could on the iPhone 4 I have now. It's amazing how even a half-inch screen bump matters. No wonder Android's been doing it ever since.

A6 Processor = (A5 Processor x 2) = (A4 Processor x 4)

It wouldn't be a new iPhone without a speed bump. The iPhone 5 now has a dual-core A6 processor that is clocked at 1GHz (although there are times that it would clock up to 1.3GHz). This equates to more power and better performance and I have to say, it's VERY NOTICEABLE, especially when using it against the iPhone 4. Despite the larger screen, apps web pages load quicker, and Siri responds faster.

LTE is nonexistent (YET)

Unfortunately, the LTE component of the iPhone 5 is inactive here. This is a bit disappointing even though Apple has to test the LTE networks of both Globe and Smart here in the Philippines before activating this. Besides, they haven't launched their LTE networks for smartphones so it doesn't make sense to promote this with LTE unless Globe or Smart surprises us.

Those are my first impressions on the iPhone 5. As an iPhone 4 user, I REALLY WANT THIS PHONE because it makes the one I have really slow. HAHA. This phone is really worth the time and money that it is spent on being made.