Your favourite Twitter app?

Hey everyone

I'm an iPhone 5 / iPad mini owner who has bounced back and forth between iOS and Android for years. I had a Nexus One and Nexus S, but I've always crawled back to iOS which has often been triggered by the quality and professionalism of the apps - particularly back in those early days with the Nexus One.

Things have changed immensely since then, and I think there's a near or equivalent of every app I regularly use on iOS... except a decent Twitter client. I use Tweetbot, and I love it. It syncs (via iCloud) across the iPhone/iPad/Mac versions up to where I've read, syncs mutes of hashtags and users, and it's fast and slick.

I can't seem to find a really hot Android Twitter client... the official app isn't great on either platform.

I've seen a friend use Tweet Lanes which looked great, but position syncing via TweetMarker (cross-platform) would be a nice to have.

Anyone found any promising Twitter apps for Android? Care to let me in on the secret?
I have a Nexus 4 on order and this is my last sticking point...