Google Maps became the most popular free app from iTunes Store in just 7 hours


Just today a good news came from the iTunes store for iOS device users. Finally the much awaited Google Maps application arrives in iTunes. In the morning when I woke up and turned on my PC, I came to know this exciting news and features, and I was so happy. In fact I'm not using any iOS device but still I was eagerly waiting to get its features uncovered, and yes it happened. Google Maps hits iTunes store with its full fledged exciting features. Not only features, but also a SDK that gives developers a chance to integrate it into their iOS apps.

I'm not here to discuss any of its features, because I know we all are The verge enthusiasts and never miss any of its single update. The exciting part is the app became the most popular free app in just 7 hours. Just visit iTunes store, and you will discover the same. I would like to hear the feedback about this app from iPhone, and iPod users. Thanks and have a nice day.