First major dislike about the Nexus 4 - the lame bumper case...

Ok - so the phone is gorgeous. The screen curves off to the left and right, perfect for side-swipe gestures. But the sweet glass back makes the phone extremely slippery - especially on a flat surface like a table.

So after already having mine fall off a thankfully short surface, I ordered the bumpers when they came back into stock.

And now I definitely regret it - because it's pretty bad.

The fit is ok - but it covers the screen curves. This may very well be necessary to protect it, but it was still disappointing.

The port spaces are an epic fail. There's not enough room around the headphone jack for my Shure SE215's. Admittedly, the headphone plug on the 215 is gigantic but still - just make the hole bigger if you're going to make a bumper that can't be flush with the headphone jack. I guess I'll have to buy some silly extender. Guh.

Then the final thing that makes this a poor product is that the surface of the bumper is hard plastic instead of the soft rubber on the phone. Horrible materials choice. If you are covering your phone in a way that you want its aesthetics to still show, you also want the same soft touch on the case.

Definitely a disappointment on the case, mostly due to the lack of soft touch. I'll probably keep it until I can find something better, but I'm wondering if a good screen protector may be a better choice.

My suggestion is to look for a good screen protector. They're less expensive.