My thoughts on Smartphones today.

Sorry, I am not a tech writer, I just had a 30-40 minutes to kill. I killed them on this post.

Android sells like crazy, doesn't make it better. It's buggy, laggy inefficient and not well put together. I have had my experiences with Android. I had a Symbian phone a couple of years back (Nokia N8) that was one nice piece of technology. The OS worked alright because that was the only OS I ever used. Somehow got the Samsung Galaxy S2 for a brief period. Worked surprisingly similar to Symbian, hated it. Slim, plasticly, slab, froze all the time, awful battery so on and so forth Android is like Symbian 2.0. Sold like crazy, people found better things, abandoned it and it died. I believe this to be the future of Android. A lot of functionality leading to nowhere.

My brother then bought an iPhone 4. I was literally blown away. Awesome design, great OS, hardware/software synergy worked wonders, ridiculous number and diversity of apps and accessories made it the most powerful device in your hand. With iPhone 5, the momentum continues. Android and WP fanboys (me) bitch and moan about the iPhone's restricted OS but we often fail that Microsoft/Google are working to beat them. iPhone is clearly the front-runner. This type of functionality coupled with Apple's premium brand image makes iPhone a gadget to desire. I'm posting this because I think only WP can come closer at doing this task well.

Microsoft's "live tile" approach is brilliant. Windows ecosystem has always been reluctant to change, no one is to blame. With the number of devices using Windows in hundreds of millions, even a ripple on one end causes a tsunami on the other. Windows 8 is not a complete product, there's a big divide between the desktop and "metro" mode. But I see the divide narrowing in future, desktop acquiring more and more of live tiles approach.

Windows Phone uses the same "live tiles" UI. Brilliant. Nokia's switch to Windows Phone was never going to be easy. A company with 1.3 billion users globally doing a 180 ? Tough job, I think Nokia has handled this transition amazingly well, I think they will come out of this better than ever. Windows Phone has what it takes to beat the massive momentum that the iOS ecosystem has. Microsoft's future relies on the Modern UI. Both Windows and Windows Phone 8 need to be big hits and Microsoft will make sure it happens. With or without Nokia. But Nokia is here to stay. A surface phone, HTC's windows phones, Samsung's windows phone, nothing can beat Nokia's. Lumia 920 is stunning. I haven't received mine yet but I played with one for half an hour in my local Rogers store. Amazing. Yes it doesn't have Instagram, Pandora, Temple Run.......but does iPhone has OIS, Offline Turn-by-Turn navigation ? no. Apps come with time, currently, its raining apps in the WP marketplace. It is only matter of time when Windows Phone becomes a major competitor will all apps. Like Android it can be run on low-end devices ( Lumia 510, HTC 8S) and can retain that premium fell to it like iOS. Perfect. Android sells because of its diverse hardware portfolio and iOS for its premium feel. Windows Phone combines them both, Nokia's joining will act like a catalyst and help Windows Phone become a OS to be reckoned with