Best 4.2 ROM for the verizon galaxy nexus?

I'm sorry, I can't hear your comments about dropping Verizon through the raging torrent of my grandfathered-in 4G data plan. Your complaints about Verizon never updating the damned phone, oddly enough, come through clearly. Possibly this is because the hassle of ROMming my phone is dwarfed by the fact that I have an unlimited 4G data plan and good network coverage.

Right now I'm running Mmuzzy's Vanilla AOSP 4.2.1. It's smooth as glass, but I've had a few crashes and, more importabtly, I can't get the Wifi hotspot working with this ROM. Neither the built-in hotspot nor any of the several 3rd party tethers I've tried work.

I'd like to run as close to AOSP as possible, though I've been happy with CyanogenMod on previous phones. Anyone having good luck with other V-Gnex roms?