They're Here...

My love of tech began in 2007. I've always been a fan of video games and always had the latest systems but the inner workings, tech specs etc. never really interested me. Then Apple came out with the iPhone and my interest was suddenly piqued. I started looking to tech websites to find out more about the device and others like it. Contrary to what others would like you to believe there wasn't anything like it at the time and I saved up $500 and bought one, more than I'd even consider paying for a top notch console. Little did I know though is that the moment Apple had taken the spotlight with the iPhone a rebellion was growing. At the rate of popularity the iPhone was growing so too was those who looked to see its downfall.

The first site I started checking regularly was CNET. It was well produced but ultimately felt like the Wal-Mart of tech news, giving vague and particularly lame insight into the products. Next I had discovered Engadget and their popular comments section. Into the release of the iPhone 3g and then to the 3gS I loved reading the article and then checking the commentary below to see if people had the same reaction as I did. At that time Android was just a preemie and it was obvious that Windows phone and Blackberry were no match. Even a few of my friends bought the Original Droid to try and be iPhone contrarians but all of them eventually ended up not liking the device. Then after the iPhone 4 release the Android faithful were finally delivered their "iPhone killer". How sweet it must have been to end the tyranny and onslaught of Apple commercials showing off features in a simple clean fashion, the battle had truly begun.

Very soon Engadget saw an incredible amount of traffic to every Apple article, many from those truly interested in Apple but many others just looking to spew hate in the comments section. I went against them for awhile but quickly realized that this was like fighting a hydra and had to move on. I started reading and commenting on sites like 9 to 5 Mac but having everyone being so pro Apple was a little boring, I wanted a little intelligent discourse just not blatant name calling and hatred. I then started going to Anandtech which had great conversations about Apple gear in the few articles surrounding the multitude of computer case reviews, PCI express discussions etc. Finally the Verge came online and I thought that I had found the tech website for me. The articles were excellently produced, there was a wide variety of content that wasn't overly techy and the comments section had intelligent discourse. Eventually, though, that last part started to change.

After reviews of Apple products the comments section here started to fill up with comments like "Bias!!!" etc.. and I knew that the last place to really have a decent discussion with people on the subject of Apple was the Apple core, the digital gated community and the only way to keep out the extreme riffraff. That is starting to change now too unfortunately. I think that implicitly those who belong on this forum are those who are fans of Apple but I can see the writing on the walls that the same people who love to trash Apple everywhere else have also made there way into the Apple Core. Twice in the past 24 hours I have read on this forum someone being criticized for being an "Apple White Knight". Well you started it and what do you expect when you say hateful things about Apple on the "Apple Core". So, batten down the hatches everyone... nerdrage is coming.