A Wild Nexus 4 Attacks!

So I was on the train today (in NY) and notice a guy (I'm assuming in his mid 40s) with the Nexus 4. Seeing as this is the first time I've seen someone other than me with the phone, I struck up a conversation with him to find out what his experience has been like with the phone.

I assumed that because he had a Nexus, he was tech savvy and in the know. It turns out that he picked it up because of the price (on the play store). I asked him if it was his first Android phone, he said no but he must have come from a non-Nexus device because he said he wasn't used to the UI of the Nexus 4. He said he loved everything about the phone, and that most of his friends/family want one after seeing him with it. Unfortunately because the phone was hard to get (at the time) they weren't able to find any. I told him that it was back in stock on the play store (with extended shipping times of course).

His impressions on the phone were very positive. We both agreed that it didn't make sense to be spending over $600 for a phone and that the pricing of this phone is perfect. Also for the hardware and software packed in the phone it is amazing how Google is selling the phone for $350. He is very new to stock Android, but at the same time he seemed very excited to try it out.

I was definitely pleasantly surprised to see someone else with this amazing phone. Better yet it wasn't an Android fan/purist. Google is doing something right since the Nexus brand is becoming less of a niche product.