Just got my Nexus 4 Bumper... This thing is sexy!

I love the design of the Nexus 4... I mean really love it! After ordering the Nexus 4 bumper I was worried that it would take away from the aesthetics of the phone.

The bumper had arrived by the time I got home and I wasted no time in putting it on. All I have to say is wow... The bumper doesn't feel like a case, but rather a part of the phone. It's like a painting that has finally been set in its rightful frame. I would take pictures, but there are lots of pictures floating on the interwebz already.

I usually hate cases on a phone and prefer a naked phone, but I have to say my Nexus 4 might remain permanently enclosed in this bumper.

The only negative thing about the case, is that it detracts from the curvature of the Nexus 4 screen. Without the case, swiping feels much more natural on the Nexus 4 because your fingers never meet any boundaries during a swipe. Right now it doesn't bug me too much, but maybe it will in the future at which point I could easily take the phone out.

I know the case is out of stock now, but whenever it gets back in stock I would recommend that you snatch it up as fast as you can. It is worth the price.