About Schmidt...

Before I begin here I want to point out that this is an opinionated take on Eric Schmidt who I have no doubt is a force in the tech industry and has had a storied career. Eric Schmidt has been a force behind Novell, Sun, Google not to mention his great contributions to other fields with respect to technology -for example, his work with President Obama.

That said, I can't help but wonder if he has gone mad with power or something. Lately, he's been making crazy statements like Google is winning the war on Apple. Or that he's proud of the funny business with Google's taxes. I dont understand this. This almost the opposite of what Larry Page thinks or has stated. To Page its not like some sort of war with Apple and to me he seems to push the line "don't be evil". I am seriously happy that Larry Page has taken the reigns and cleaned house and focused up a little. Not to mention the revised approach to China. While Schmidt is great fun to watch and listen wax poetic or talk about stuff wayyy out there. I seriously think Page is better equipped to be a leader.

How about you guys? What do you think?

Also , just because I have to ...HOWABOUT THEM GOOGLE MAPS ON IPHONE !?!?