More details leak about mobile Haswell

VR zone has released another slide detailing the launch lineup for Haswell. This time focusing on the first mobile parts.

VR-Zone mobile Haswell

I'm also including an earlier link showing a broader view of the Haswell road map, to help put these newest chips in perspective.

CPU World Haswell package options

The chips in the VR-Zone slide are the Mobile (mainstream) category. Meaning Quad core, with GT2 graphics.

The news isn't good for those hoping for Haswell tablets in 1H13, as VR-Zone reports that the U-series(15W ULV) chips won't be available until Q3, and the Y-series(10W ULV) not until Q4.

Still, considering the low power focus of Haswell, it's good to see the first details for the mobile parts hit the wire.