Best Buy is Doing a Good Job

I've been hearing some things about Best Buy not showing off Windows 8 well but I have to say I completely disagree. I walked into my local Best Buy this week and the first thing I see front a center is a large kiosk that has only Windows on it. It had quite a few tablets including the ATIV Smart PC and also a touchscreen ultrabook. They also had the very large HP touchscreen all-in-one which my daughter loved. Another thing that I was surprised by was that they also had the Windows Phone 8x and the Nokia Lumia 822 on display, in the front of the store. This is magnificent for Microsoft! I use to find it hard to ever find the few Windows Phones everywhere, but now that they are coupled with Windows 8 and Windows 8 is being pushed out to all consumers Windows Phone is really getting a lot of marketing. Mainly I'm just happy how much Best Buy is supporting Windows 8. Has anybody had a similar experience? Has anybody had a different experience?