Clovertrail for my dad?

Hey tribe,

So my dad needs a new computer. His ol' P4 machine will make you wait at LEAST half an hour for anything to load. However, I fear that a simple W8 laptop will make him lost, and while I think the interface works well with the gestures and all, he will not. I don't think he even grasps the concept of gestures. In short, a traditional machine will be like hell for him.

BUT, if it would be an entirely new device, something he hasn't really used before will be perfect. So I'm thinking of getting him a Clover Trail tablet, like the Iconia W510. Yet still, I'm fearing that the Atom in there would not be enough.

While he does practically nothing with his machine, just Ebay; a bit of browsing and Windows Live Messenger, he still expects fluidity. Will the Atom be enough? I'm looking for people with real hands-on experience to help me out here. Otherwise I'll get him that Iconia W700, but it would be inferior for him because he'd like to attach a keyboard from time to time, while being on the couch. It wouldn't be a disaster, the desk dock is fine for the more heavy use, but a dockable keyboard is preferable.

Also could anyone comment on how Ableton, Traktor or Lightroom runs on something like that? I'm thinking about getting the Envy x2 or the Samsung one myself.