Has anyone else considered returning the Nexus 4?

I am currently a T-Mobile customer using a Galaxy S3 and I received my Nexus 4 in the mail yesterday. I had full intentions of selling my Galaxy S3 the moment I received my Nexus 4, but I don’t think I will after all. This is my first time owning a Nexus device although I am very familiar with AOSP due to flashing ROMs on previous Android devices; I just want a great experience without the rigmarole process of finding a ROM that "works". All last night I was using the Galaxy S3 and the Nexus 4 side by side, I have been a bit disappointed by the latter. The cameras aren't as good, the screen looks washed out, the benchmarks are worse (I don’t take synthetic benchmarks to heart but I still feel its worth mentioning) and I am missing some of the basic functionality that skinned versions of Android offer, in my case being Touchwiz (i’m running a rooted version of the OTA Jellybean update).

For example, I want to turn on GPS:

Galaxy S3

1. Swipe down notification bar

2. Tap GPS

Nexus 4

1. Swipe down notification bar

2. Tap the Quick Settings icon in the top-right

3. Tap Settings (for some reason GPS isn’t on this panel)

4. Scroll Down

5. Tap Location access

6. Tap GPS satellites

I haven’t used the Nexus 4 enough to test its battery life compared to the SGS3, so that may be an additional concern. I knew I would be taking a huge drop in storage capacity when switching devices so that isn’t going to factor in my decision (My SGS3 is the 32gb model with a 32gb Class 10 Micro SD card). So back to the original question, Has anyone else considered returning the Nexus 4 because it isn’t the device you thought it would be?