Posted this Q in Android, maybe I can get some help here. I just started a job in the tech industry.

I just started a job in the tech industry, i work specifically with mobile devices (first time dealing with this technology directly).

I work as a data analyst.

The company I am working for provides digital insights to some of the largest websites in the world. Helping them map and understand their digital architecture and understand how users navigate their websites. All the data is warehoused by our company etc.

The team I will be working on is focusing on mobile (andriod and ios). I will be responsible for helping map how andriod and ios users use apps. My boss sent me an email this morning saying the following:

"The other thing you can do is just try to do research on the digital mobile landscape. How are apps designed, delivered, big players, etc. One of the main projects you will be taking over is ensuring that [left company name out] represents the mobile world accurately as in all popular apps are reported, including the same apps on both ios (iphone) and Android platforms, etc."

Any advice where to start, any resources i can use to help me?