Photo Sphere + Project Glass + Google Maps = Google Live?

I've been pondering on some of the truly innovative tools and experiences that Project Glass could enable (whenever it filters down to we humble mortals).

One thing that occurred to me after reading about the Photo Sphere update to the Android camera app, was that it would be a fantastic way to supplement their fleet of Street View cars, as Project Glass users could contribute to updating Street View imagery as part of their daily use.

Obviously, high-traffic areas such as urban / downtown locations would likely get the most regular updates, but locations that are inaccessible to vehicles but accessible to humans in some way would be fair game at last.

While Android 4.2 users could potentially already contribute with their smartphones, there's a huge leap in simplicity from holding out a device and rotating on the spot, and simply rotating your head around naturally.

What's more, I think a logical step would be to enable access to 'live' views from Project Glass users by showing them as pins on a Google Map. Public sharing of what is essentially your current POV could be taken even further by allowing other users to view it on their own Project Glass / alternative HMD device (as already hinted to in Google's Project Glass 'teaser', but notice that the protagonist's belle seems to be sat in front of a webcam and looking at a screen).

Will there be a meaningful difference in the experience of sharing a live visual stream on a screen versus one which is more or less 'replaces' your own vision? If so, what does this mean for how we experience and share our perspectives with friends and strangers? I'm not sure, but I think 2013 is the year we begin to find out.