The iTunes wishlist conundrum

Apple had a great way of tailoring wishlists in iTunes that was omitted from its last update to iTunes 11. While the built-in wishlist feature in the store is okay, I've already reached my cap for it (I bookmark a LOT of songs). What I've been doing for years is actually clicking and dragging the song I wanted to buy into playlists to save for later. That way there was no cap and the track previews showed up in my song list as if they were part of my library along with useful metadata such as when I added them. Also, you could have multiple labeled wishlists this way unlike the single universal wishlist available in the store. But since iTunes 11 introduced playlists as a button on the top bar rather than a constant sidebar, you can no longer click and drag tracks from the store to your playlists. It's a simple change UI-wise, but it completely messes up the way in which I created my own wishlists.

I was wondering if this was a technique anyone else used and how they've coped with the absence of it. I think Apple may have inadvertently omitted a fantastic feature which was, in my opinion, the easiest way to save songs for later. Amazon seems like my only solution as of now, but I've found that rather than flagging individual tracks to save for later they only offer the entire CD in many cases. Spotify is also a decent solution, but it takes a long time before newer songs even show up on it. Grooveshark suffers from the same problem as well.