where i think apple needs to go from here.

the problem i see with apple is that it is only one company launching one phone every 6 months to a year. the only variation apple seems to have in their phones is the amount of memory for each generation. while these are excellent phones they don't cover all of the choices different customers might want in a phone that would still want apple software/design. i think apple needs to begin launching multiple phones in different form factors to compensate for peoples different tastes. many of apples fans love the old 3.5 inch size and there's nothing wrong with that but i'm willing to bet there are oodles (lots) of people who would like a 5 inch display. many of apples customers love a thin phone. i'm willing to bet oodles of people would rather have an iphone with a 3500mAh battery preinstalled despite the display size 3.5" - 5". i think this narrow range of current phones is what is ultimately going to kill apple profitability. i'm a windows phone guy right now buy i might switch if apple changed and offered more attractive options to suit my own personal tastes.