Surface Pro needs a real dock...

From what I can tell the main complaints against the surface are...

1. Lack of Apps

2. First Gen issues



3. Not perfect on a lap



4. Battery life

The lack of Apps and First Gen Issues should take care of them selves and that brings us to " Not perfect on a lap and battery life". MS has included powerful magnets on the Base of the Surface. So powerful that Panos was able to dangle the surface while holding the Keyboard. This shows me that the magnets should be able to handle a dock that is equal to the weight of the surface.

With a real keyboard dock/slice battery the surface could be considered a true laptop replacement, as much of one as 11.6in device can be, with killer versatility and excellent battery life. Hopefully MS has opened up their docking port to Logitech and we will see a third party solution if they choose not to do one themselves.

One idea would be for an erogonomic option that slanted downword towards the Surface so that the weight of the keyboard would be towards the front adding stability. I also think that a Vio type hinge would provide ample space for the surface to be slotted into with the kickstand closed. I did a quick photoshop of what I am thinking.



Forgive me for the kickstand being extended, but I could not find a good picture of the surface closed.