I have too many gadgets but still want more.

Hello Verge!

With the holidays coming up I was looking around for presents online, mostly finding things I'd like myself. But lately I've been feeling bad about all my lonely gadgets that just sit around and don't get used anymore. But then again I still want more. I was wondering if anyone feels the same.

I think all of this started in early 2011. Sony had just released their new smartphones and I bought myself an Xperia Arc right on release day. I absolutely loved it, but after a few days I started noticing these little flaws, things I expected to be better. I got really annoyed about having spent €500 on it so I returned it. And then I almost got depressed because I did that. Ever since I've been piling up gadgets like there's no tomorrow.

I feel bad about having stuff and not using it...

Since I had my first smartphone I haven't really used my Walkman anymore, and I feel like a fool for having bought it only a few months before my first smartphone. About a year ago I won a Kindle Keyboard (with 3G) in an online competition, and even though I used it to read a shocking amount of three books in the summer it hasn't had any love ever since. It almost makes me depressed to think about how it's just sitting in my closet being lonely. Together with my Bluetooth earbuds (used twice).

Then again, I can't get around to selling anything. It's either for emotional reasons (Walkman), because I feel it wouldn't be fair (the Kindle, since I won it) or because I don't want to sell something that doesn't sound well to some user unaware of the bad sound quality. Or my previous smartphone that got replaced by a slightly better one that I won in another online competition (yes I'm a lucky bastard). I paid a lot for it half a year ago and was really proud of it, selling it almost feels like betrayal.

I feel bad about wanting stuff I won't be using...

But I can't help feeling this strong, strong urge to buy a tablet (that I will probably not use much). In the summer I won a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10 something that I sort of wanted to sell (mostly because it was a Samsung) but I couldn't help feeling a tiny bit sad. I had a tablet for a few days and now I haven't got one anymore.

I've had my eye on a Sony tablet with a big discount. Or perhaps an iPad Mini so I can finally enjoy the great iOS apps. But when I think about what I will be using it for there isn't anything that springs to mind. I have a laptop for that sort of stuff and a smartphone for when I'm on the go. I somehow just want it.

There are things I have that I love. I have my laptop which is a speed monster and perfect in almost every way. I have my current smartphone that is brilliant. I have great earbuds that sound brilliant (and cost me a lot). But I can't help feeling this urge to browse the web to find new things to want, to then feel bad because I want them.

I wonder if it's just me. Am I the only one stuck in this endless loop? Is this what Amazon and online outlets do to you? Am I going mad? What do you think? Should I give in to my want-side and get a tablet? Should I start selling my old stuff for however little it's still worth, enjoy a healthy savings account and use what I already have?

Background info

What I currently own and use:

  • Xperia T (won online)
  • 13" thin'n'light laptop with dedicated GPU and 2 SSD's in RAID0
  • Dell U2412M (because of neck issues due to laptop overuse)
  • Professional IEM's

Things I own and don't use (anymore):

  • Xperia S (bought)
  • Sony Walkman X-series (bought second-hand)
  • Kindle Keyboard 3G (won online)
  • Bluetooth earbuds (bought)

About me: I am a 20yo software development student living in Belgium. In the summer holidays I work at Europe's biggest mobile phone retailer.