Is the Nikon D600 sale fooling anyone?

There are currently big sales going on for the Nikon D600. You can get a 24-85mm lens and multiple accessories for free, basically. This sounds like a great deal to me if it wasn't for the fact that this camera has been well documented to fling oil/lubricant onto the sensor and even high levels of dust from the mirror box, requiring service shortly after it goes into use. Nikon has still not made any public statements about this ongoing issue.

Is it just me, or is this yet another corporate ploy to simply distract consumers with a sale so they don't notice that they're buying a defective item right from the factory? I hate stuff like this. Just admit you have to fix something and fix it. I will buy your product at full price if you're willing to do this. Ugh! Or am I just overreacting? Is it really worth it to you to buy this camera for a lower price* and deal with all the hoops and spotted pictures and warranty mess?

* Note: If you don't need an FX sized zoom lens or the extra bundled accessories, then you're really only saving $100.