Help! Does WP8 Support CalDav?

My wife purchased a Lumia 920 for me for Christmas and I'm not opening it until then. Therefore I can't find out myself. I'm currently entrenched in the apple ecosystem. I've used an iPhone for years and all my info is in iCloud. I want to sync my calendars, contacts and emails between my (about to be) old iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad and my new windows phone. After a lot of research, it looked like the best option was google. I transfered all my calendars and contacts to google, now I have iCal and the contacts app in OSX syncing with google and the same goes for my iPhone and iPad. I was excited to set up my new windows phone with google and be good to go, but this article has me worried:

Specifically, can I still sync my google calendars with WP8? I want a seamless experience between iPhone and WP8. O