Another Paul Thurott gem

One of my biggest pet peeves with Microsoft in general, but with Windows Phone specifically, is that these guys seem to take most of December off, disappearing into parts unknown like ghosts. Why is this a problem? For three years in a row, Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows Phone right before the holidays, and if there was a time of year when these guys needed to be hard at work, fixing the many problems in their also-ran mobile OS, it’s during that exact time period. Windows Phone is so far behind, is so woefully incomplete, that I cannot imagine giving anyone on that team any time off, let alone right after a launch when people are actually buying the devices and running into all kinds of problems. And yet, that’s what they do. Every. Single. Year. It’s irresponsible, and I think it shows an amazing lack of credibility on their part that they would simply disappear like that. This year, thankfully, things might be a little bit different! Microsoft has actually announced that the team behind Windows Phone app submissions, at least, would be working throughout the holidays. As they should be. All of them. Until this thing is successful or gone. Taken from today's win info shorts.