Is it just me or is the Surface absolutely fantastic?

Ok, straight up I'm a salesperson and technician for a major US electronics retailer. I unboxed and set it up yesterday, and spent the day selling the surface today. I, as a nerd like the rest of all of us, read all the reviews, I owned an iPad 3, I have a rooted One S. I kinda am thinking that the negative reviews may have been unbased. I mean, I'm only on two days impression... however:

  1. We forgot to plug it in.
    At 10 AM. It died at 8:30 PM, it lasted 10 hours+ running our demo (720p video), playing flash games and spending the whole day screen on with no sleep at all. Not bad at all, better than the numbers we read.

  2. I think most tech people just didn't get it. It's NOT for the appaholic.
    I'm sorry maybe I'm weird, but I rotted my phone to REMOVE apps, not to add them, I use 4 downloaded apps. one is Chrome. with most mobile websites working better than apps I never quite got them, also my desktop runs Chrome and Steam, zero other apps, even in Win 8. Sure the surface does not have a ton of tablet apps, but It has a good browser, some apps I would actually WANT to use like News and Weather. It's not for the appaholic but the webaholic. Given a years time, it may be though. 30,000 apps over 6 weeks. 150,000 in a year?

  3. It is in fact, perfect for two people: the student and the average user AKA not you.
    As I said, I sell computers, When I ask "What do you use your computer for?" Guess what they tell me? Facebook, Email, music, flash games. Three of these are better done on a surface with the touch cover. than an iPad. Oh, and it includes some office software.....erm OFFICE. the #1 bundled item on new computers is Office (not the warranty as it turns out) It's on it. Out of the box and No, iWork and Polaris is not even close to a substitute.

  4. USB, HDMI, MicroSDXC
    CD Drives, Printers, TV out with a phone cable, expandable storage. People ask for this. They want to use their wireless mouse they own. They want to play a CD with an external drive. They want to use their old printer. They want to watch a movie on their TV with their 'droid's cable. They want to transfer a file with a flash drive. This is a "mostly no", $40 adapter and no respectively on an iPad.

  5. The average person LOVES the build of it.
    They stop and stare at it. I don't even have to say anything. It's different and yet makes sense to the customer! I show the the cover, they are blown away that it's like the smart cover yet has a keyboard and track pad. If they don't like the pressure sensitive keys they love the type cover. It looks super thin, it's very light for it's size. The button placement is at their finger tips. The kickstand as the desired effect. It's how tablets SHOULD be built. Samsung, Asus, take note.

This is what I figure: The Surface is NOT for someone who wants a tablet. It's for the people who want a computer. It's competition is not Apple, but HP, Dell and Toshiba, and the surface is winning by a long shot.