Eric Schmidt claims Android's victory

"Android is great for person A. iOS is great for person B."

Steve Jobs famously said he was going to have a thermonuclear war with Android. And recently, Eric Schmidt claimed that Android pretty much defeated iOS in that war.

But I couldn't help but point out that it depends on how you define "victory" in the so-called platform war. Eric Schmidt clearly believes victory means larger market share. That's not completely wrong. Their market share is huge. Over 75%.

On the contrary, I am sure many of you are aware of this. If look at the profit share of iOS devices, or mobile Safari's market share in total mobile web browsing(user engagement), or customer satisfaction, iOS is clearly ahead of Android. iOS defeated Android if these are the measurements of what you call "victory" in the "war".

In addition, the higher market share of Android is more likely a result of the nature of its business model rather than the quality of the OS. There are zillions of low-cost Android devices. And almost like a law of the Nature, there are going to be more of low-cost devices than high-cost devices. Because they are affordable to more people.

However, it's also true that lower user engagement and satisfaction of Android are due to the incompatibility of most Android devices with the latest version of the OS and the lesser hardware of the low-cost Android devices. But we should also note that Apple also sells the iPhone 4 and 4S. iPhone 4 has a single core 800Mhz processor, 512MB of memory, 5MP camera, which are definitely the signs of a low-end/low-cost device.

So Eric Schmidt was not as "right" as he could be. There can't be a clear winner that everyone agrees with.

In the end, competition is necessary. So let's not assume that either Android or iOS has won. Because both have to lose in some aspects for the consumers to win.