(FINISHED!) *Huge* Olympus store-wide discounts. OM-D Kit for *$754*! Lenses and Accessories too.


Deals are now gone. If anyone here got to buy something before it expired, hopefully olympus will honor the prices as the brevity of it all suggests there was some sort of mistake made at olympus.


The prices at getolympus.com are currently so low relative to everywhere else I thought the website must have been glitching, or someone screwed up badly. Right after I bought an E-M5 from amazon for $1200 too! Hopefully Amazon will price match refund me the difference. I wanted to use Amazon's financing options, but I'd rather pay 754 in one go.

E-M5, New (Click Here):
Black E-M5 Body Only(select from drop down menu): $699.99
Silver 12-50 Kit: $909.99

Pens (Click Here):
E-PM2 Kit: $419.99
E-PM2 Body: $384.99
E-PL5 Kit: $489.99
E-PL5 Body: $454.99

Refurbished, prices are even better (Click Here):
Black and Silver E-M5 12-50mm Kits: $753.99
Black 14-42 kit: $637.99

Lenses have huge discounts too! (Click Here):
12mm: $591.99
17mm f1.8(pre-order): $369.99
60mm macro: $369.99
45mm: $299.99
75mm: $665.99
And more

Accessories (Click Here):
HLD-6 Grip for E-M5: $215
VF-2 Viewfinder: $179.99 - $80 Mail in Rebate = $99.99.
VF-3 Viewfinder: $129.99 - $80 Mail in Rebate = $49.99.
Fl-600R Flash: $188.99

This is madness. There may have been more deals I missed so snoop around!