Critique on Windows RT

I have been using a Surface and a 920 for the past few months. While I like how they work and have no issues with Windows Phone 8 (except fake text on the calendar month view) I wanted to give some constructive criticism (some focused on the OS and some extending beyond this) and just use this as a open discussion on what needs to be improved.


Pretty crucial and needs to be improved. Touch responsiveness is good but you do not expect waiting times on a tablet, especially in the Metro interface which should be comparative to iOS and Android. Obviously will come with better hardware, but it appears there is more optimisation to be done.


It's way behind Windows Phone - it's like the teams only decided to emulate the look but not the principles or feel. It's half baked. I got my Windows Phone after the Surface and was disappointed by how much they left out.

*Names for groups on the start screen being too difficult to read - they just don't stand out very well especially against some of the more 'colourful' backgrounds.

*No quarter size live tiles (or are they saving this feature for 3 separate events next year?)

*Live tiles on the system should ideally be similarly coloured, colours make the screen look confusing and uniformity helps the store apps stand out. In addition, there doesn't really seem to be a rationale behind what colour a tile is. Why isn't the music tile green? Why aren't Me, Mail and Calendar the same colour?

*Apps like the 'Me' tile and 'Music' are much better thought out on the phone than Windows 8. Just get the Windows Phone team to dictate the design of these.

Store *No vetting of apps - there are lots of really bad apps available. Microsoft will not be able to boast about app quantity for a while so the focus should be on quality apps (this is an issue with Windows Phone too, to be honest. Obviously a problem with competitors but if Microsoft make their selling point based around quality apps rather than quantity it changes the discussion. This 'Blue' strategy also means many devs will be waiting until next year to make apps for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

*Availability of apps - I live in the UK. I have the ESPN and Nook apps but why do I have to switch region to do this and why are Microsoft/developers arbitrarily restricting apps over here?

*Region support: pretty bad, why isn't it easy to switch region on Xbox Live/Music. Additionally, customer services need to improve greatly as in my experience they seem to like pushing you to another department rather than handling the issue themselves. And email support is almost non-existent.

Any comments, points to add aside from the typical "it'll improve next year"?