Surface Public Awareness stories

I'm sitting in a hotel and reading the Verge, and the waitress who just brought me my breakfast just asked me: "Is that a Surface?" She was really interested to see it. She said she'd thought about an iPad but had seen this advertised and she really liked it. We only talked for a few minutes but she seemed to be particularly drawn by the way it could do more, they keyboard but just generally really liking the way. I showed her a few basics such as swipe in to change the settings and pick up a WiFi network. But mainly, I'm just tickled that after reading endless tech news stories online about it will fail because of X or it's a fail because of Y (and I'm starting to loathe posts that say "FAIL" with cheap analysis), it's funny to have people just come up to me and recognize it and say they want to get one. It seems that whatever MS are doing marketing wise and whatever tech sites and some posters are saying (often an argument of 'it's really nice but it will fail'), publically it's gaining traction. I'm not ashamed to say that I would enjoy seeing the Surface and Windows hybrids do really well. I think they're good devices and deserve a goodly chunk of the market just on merit. Anyone else had similar experiences?