Windows Phone 8.5

This is not my Idea it is from the User Voice Site from Microsoft :

Android's biggest problem was lag and it was somewhat fixed in the Android 4.1

Windows Phone's biggest problem is the lack of basic functionality that users can't get for 2 years now.

In case anyone from Microsoft is really reading this site, we ask you to consider focusing on small litle things for the next release of the Windows Phone rather than a couple of big new features.

Examples of the missing functionality:

- Separate volumer controls for apps/ringtones
- Merge calls in call log under same contact
- Orientation lock
- Password support for the IE10
- Forward button for the IE10
- Text reflow for the IE10 so it automatically adjusts and reformats text for easy readability
- Ability to have at least two browser control buttons
- Settings are not alphabetized, making them sort of confusing
- Finger seek in the music player
- Automatic sleepd mode (especially since you added Skype, which is on 24/7), so we won't be bothered by notifications at night
- Notification history / center or whatever you call it
- Black background when reading email, not just email list

Just like how Windows Phone is awesome thanks to all the little things, such as: keyboard sounds, the way you answer calls, etc. WP 8.5 would add tremendous value just by eliminating the majority of small little complains.

Now some Ideas from me:

- Save Site on the Phone with Pics

- Make a Picture while Recording a Video in Full Resolution not like the iPhone just a Screenshot

- Tap on the Notification on the App on the Lockscreen and the App will open

- Add again the Radio

- More Lockscreen Security like on Android with Face unlock

- Swipe Multitasking Cards away

Do you have some Ideas ? Post them.

And when do you Guys think we can except 8.5 ?