Nexus 4 exterior - 1 good 1 bad point.

Lets start with the bad news shall we?

Dust. Under the front-facing camera. Lots of it. To be honest, I honestly can't see how it got in - and now pictures from said camera seem to have some kind of eerie mist in front of them. This would be okay, but seriously, who video calls someone to scare them? Also, it takes a long time focus and even then images aren't that sharp - though it might've been like this before the dust, I can't really remember.

My favourite thing about the Nexus 4 exterior is the curved glass at the sides - a win for form and function, if you ask me. This little touch alone makes the phone so beautiful to use, and keeps the front of the device from getting too boring.

Except for the dust under the front-facing camera, my Nexus 4 experience has been wholly positive (once I actually managed to get the thing). If anyone has been holding back on getting a Nexus 4, just get one. Really. It's that good.

Also, for those of you still waiting: