Microsoft Surface RT supports lag free audio input via USB

Hi all,

I love my Surface with all my heart, but I keep an iPad around as my mobile music station. I started to wonder if it was possible to see the same quality of music apps on Windows 8 (RT) so I decided to do a little test:


Digitech RP500 from 2010 (multi effects pedal and usb recording device)

USB cable

Microsoft Surface

1/4" music cable

The test:

I powered the RP500 and plugged it into the the Surface via USB. With in 5 seconds, the Surface installed the driver with in 5 seconds - detecting the device as an output/input device (playback and recording).

I then reset the default speakers back to the default surface, and set the recording device (the RP500) to play out loud through the speakers.

Sure enough, the Surface played the sounds coming through the RP500 with just about no lag. As you can imagine I was super excited.

The conclusion and future:

The Surface can do lag free USB audio input, we just need the developers to bring their apps to it. I can fantasize a world were we have a Windows 8 app for something like Reaper and Guitar Pro - I can record and save recordings/Guitar Pro files to my Skydrive, and continue them/play with them on my Surface when I'm on the go. I hope music devs such as line 6 and IK are listening because they abandoned Android because of it's laggy audio drivers.