Fixing the Music App (windows 8)

I am forcing myself into the Metro environment everyday. Using every app I could to do stuff I would otherwise do in desktop. Music is one of them.

The music app is easy to use as it is. It is a little on the slower side when shifting through thousands of songs or hundred of albums.

The other big problem is how with a mouse I have to right click to bring the player controls on screen. The player controls should be on the screen at all times. Microsoft themselves are breaking their menubar rules by putting the controls there. Also it makes it inconsistent as the controls shift to the left side in the now playing view.

The Mockup A few mockups below show how I used the extra space in the 'my music' view to incorporate the media controls and also the now playing song list allowing for easy shuffling of songs without going to the now playing menu.

I also divided the screen into 5 parts to arrange my sections and used consistent margins for data around the whole app. I also redid all the graphics and the back button aswell. I am not entirely happy with this but im done working on this. What I might do is come up with a different music player mockup altogether.

I also removed the STUPID gradients. (they might work on a good Panel but on a TN panel this short gradient shows banding and its unnecessary really.. There is just no need to place gradients in this app. No need at all.

The year view allows u to click on a year and scroll it like we set time in WP7. So u can get to the year you want faster than scrolling through all the songs which takes a lot of time.

I wanted to make one for the mail app aswell but the Yahoo mail app got the design right! The messenger app can be improved in the same manner.

(a few things to note). I personally would like the text and other stuff to be smaller to allow more data but I kept the touch areas as large as in the original app because I know MS does research to find what size is most comfortable to target on touch devices and I kept my redesign a lot closer to those specs.

Hope you like it 2ezqo0h_medium








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