Maximize Nexus 4 Screen Estate!



So when I first got my precious Nexus 4, I thought that I'd love the idea of having onscreen buttons.

But after using it for a couple days, the fact of having 2 black bars on the screen at all times just gradually becomes an eyesore. I can't help but eventually decided to root it to see if there is anything that can be done. I'm one of those people who love a smartphone with a big screen (not quite the Note II, but maybe the Droid DNA's 5" 1080p awesomeness), so it would be a dream come true, especially when there's no soft keys laying beneath the display.

So here's the stuff that you need!

  1. A rooted Nexus 4! Source: XDA
  2. LMT Launcher (for hidden buttons!) Source: XDA
  3. Full Screen Toggle APK (For...full screen - getting rid of the navigation bar) Source: XDA
  4. OPTIONAL: Smart Status Bar (For accessing t status bar when it's hidden) Source: Play Store
  5. OPTIONAL: Nova Launcher (for customizing the new-gained screen estate :-) ) Source: Play Store

So basically, we are using the LMT launcher to hide the onscreen buttons. However, since this app is not officially supporting the Nexus 4 just yet, there isn't an option for the Nexus 4. The good thing is, it works flawlessly still by choosing the Nexus 7 option (option 0 under Settings>Set Input). After you download the apk file, you need to first check "Unknown Sources" under Settings>Security, then you can install the app. There are a lot of customization options in this app. Take some time to look through them and find the settings you like. I personal have not yet tried the gestures, since I'm okay with the lovely pie wheel option for now to trigger the navigation "pie." However, the potential of this app is way beyond just the basic settings. I only wish there is an option of pulling up the navigation pie from the bottom of the screen.



Then, we want to download the Full Screen Toggle APK (the newest version). Make sure you have installed the LMT Launcher first, or else we are going to have a Nexus 4 with no navigation buttons at all. After installing the app, open it up and choose the first option - "Disable nav bar, full screen." Your nexus 4 will then exist without the navigation bar after you reboot the device. Give it couple of seconds before SuperUser grants the LMT Launcher root access, then you can pull up the navigation buttons accordingly to your desire (or preset settings :-) )

So...we are done :-) just enjoy having those extra pixels on your screen!

The use of LMT Launcher is hard to get used to at first, but then after using it for a couple days, it will become a second nature!

For smart status bar, it's just pretty handy to use since it will allow you to access the status bar even when it is hidden in some full screen apps (e.g., games). FYI: The full screen toggle app itself only hides the navigation bar, not the status bar.

And as for Nova Launcher, I use it for making my home screen 6x4, which looks far better since it still keeps the aesthetic of the stock launcher, but with more functionality at the same time.

Hope it helps:-)