Windows 8 Tablet (x86 Atom) Streaming Options (Flash User Agent)

I had my heart set on an Android tablet but lately I've been thinking about trying something different and going with a Windows 8 tablet. Specifically I've been looking at one with a CloverTrail Atom processor like the Samsung Ativ 500t or the Acer W510. Or possibly waiting for the Asus VivoTab Smart. I really like the idea of being able to load regular old Windows apps so I haven't been looking at any of the ARM based RT tablets.

What I'd really like to know, and what I've failed to find an answer to, is if it's possible to go to one of the network sites like NBC or even Hulu and stream from there with one of these full Windows 8 tablets. I know this isn't possible on Android and iOS since the sites detect a mobile flash user agent.

Is it possible to stream from NBC or Hulu (free) using a Windows 8 atom tablet? Does it work just like my Windows 7 laptop or is it blocked like my Android phone?