Upgrade or Switch to prepaid

Here is my dilemma, I'm trying to save up money to move next fall. Cutting expenses and trying to figure out the best phone that suits my needs. When I move it won't have internet beyond my phone, for the most part I imagine myself using my phone as my only means of communication and possibly teethering for internet on a laptop once I acquire one. Right now I have a grandfather unlimited data plan with Verizon on my sturdy Droid X, either I'm going to upgrade or cancel my service and switch to prepaid. By the way my bill is around 60-77 a month because my plan is discounted monthly.

What I plan to use my phone for is surfing, email, youtube and occasional watching live stream of sporting events on Saturday. I'm not sure if I can do this with iOS nor if I can do this with newer Jelly Bean phones since flash is require. I also use Google music a lot., I'm really looking for a secondary computer.. I don't trust HTC and extremely dislike windows phone UI, nor am I'm interested in the S3, albeit the Note2 is a lovely phone it simply is too big and won't fit in my pocket comfortably.

I'm considering -

1) With all the deals going around I've looked into an iphone 5 at walmart for $127. Which on Verizon is the unlock one so I figured after my contract or if I decided to leave them I can used this phone on gsm networks. Plus the resell value is high. I'm concern there won't be a jail break and even with it I won't be able to do a lot of stuff.

2.) Nexus 4 - I could switch to prepaid this way but my gut tells me to pass on this one. The durability of this phone is terrible. I'm looking to stick with whatever phone I get and I want it to last. Wouldn't even bother creating a post if Google had picked a better partner and if LG didn't opt to put a glass back on and all the hardware defects.

3.) Used gsm Galaxy Nexus - I'm greatly concern about the ghosting and volume. The phone looks lovely but it's older and I don't know if it will live.

4.) Wait it out for the newer phones coming out next year. Or maybe consider whatever suggestions you guys make.

I don't really know what to do considering there isn't any phone out there that has everything I want. Love the hardware and battery life of the iphone 5 but enjoy the software of Android.. I don't really like iOS at least the non jailbroken kind but if I were to upgrade this would be the best phone to get. Since its longevity will allow me to switch carriers. I can't do this with any other phone beyond the DNA which I don't think will get much support from HTC like every other HTC phone made by them on Verizon.

If I switch to gsm well sky's the limit and I would be free to choose but it's more money upfront. I don't know what will save me more money in the longer run. I never left Verizon before so I don't know how good daily coverage will be. The area I'm moving to ( Las Vegas) supposedly has great coverage with almost all major carriers. I got limited funds and I need something that won't need to get replace and will fulfill my needs.