Surface at Best Buy a Horrible Decision?

While I agree that Microsoft needs to expand their distribution of the Surface tablet, I am concerned that having Best Buy sell the Surface will result in a horrible customer service experience. Not only does Best Buy do a terrible job of training their employees (will give specific examples later), they often mis-mark merchandise (the Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia 822 have been marked as Android phones for 3 months...even after mentioning it to the sales staff multiple times).

I was visiting a store near me about an hour after they received their 1st Surface shipment. An employee was setting up the device and started by sticking the security device over the hinge for the kickstand (making it impossible to use the kickstand or show the memory expansion slot. They also placed the Surface in the plastic stand used to hold all the other tablets with the keyboard suspended in the air, making it impossible to type on. The employees were generally knowledgeable about windows 8 but were not trained on the Surface device. I asked if the glass was gorilla glass and was told no. We decided to look it up on the Microsoft my astonishment...the fact that the Surface has a gorilla glass 2 screen is not mentioned on their website:

Also the sales staff does very little to ask customers what they need the device for. I watched as employees showed customers Android devices and Apple IPADs that were close in price to the Surface but not mention the Surface was in stock and includes office. I college girl and her Dad were looking at an IPAD and I asked if she had seen the Surface yet. She said no,,,and I proceeded to show her the device (Office included, the touch keyboard (in pink), the expandable memory, multiple accounts, app store, etc). She was amazed and immediately said that she no longer wanted the IPAD for x-mas and would instead get a Surface. She liked the idea that she could use it as a tablet and also use it to do her college assignments without lugging around her laptop. The one reservation she had was that itunes was not in the app store. I showed her xbox music and all the other free music streaming apps and that seemed to ease her concerns.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

BTW...why are all Apple devices connected to the internet in Best Buy, but the PCs have a horrible network connection? And why does microsoft not set up a dummy account so you can see how the actual apps within Windows 8 work. I am always frustrated that many of the apps like mail, skydrive, etc take you to a log-in screen when you launch the app in the store.