WP8 App Updates not working

I have noticed that I am no longer being pushed any app updates and have to manually search for the app in the store and then select update.

I have a Nokia 920 for nearly one month. Since that time I have only been pushed around 6 app updates to my phone.

Is anyone else having the same issue? This week 3 of my apps have had new versions released and the Windows Store app has not detected this. There is no way of force checking for updates on your phone.

I currently rely on Windows Phone Central which usually are good about new app releases - http://www.wpcentral.com/

The Nokia Collection specific apps do not appear in app store so have come to rely on the forum post below which has a QR code for each of them (using Bing Vision) to find out if I have the latest version. Today I discovered one of my Nokia apps (released 5 days ago) was out of date.


Can anyone shed light on this as it seems to be a common issue. How often does WP8 check for app updates, is there a problem with the update mechanism in the store or phone?