Calendar Invites

I use Google Calendar on my phone. With the recent news that Google will no longer be supporting Exchange, I went through the steps outlined here on the Verge to switch over to CalDAV and CardDAV. Needless to say, I wasn't familiar with all the differences before making the change and now realize I have lost the ability to add invitees to my calendar events.

So I've returned to the Verge Forums in hopes of finding some solution to my problem. I don't plan to switch back to Exchange, and I don't want to use iCloud calendar as my primary/default on my phone (which apparently would also allow invitees) -- but is there an app which could send out calendar invites from my phone that would sync with my Google Calendar? Paid or Free, it makes no difference to me.

*Many of my friends don't have Google+ -- so while I know I can create a Google+ Event and add invitees this way, its not quite the solution. Plus, there are many instances when I am sending out invites for meetings with people who are not "friends" or in my "circles", in which I am just using their primary email address.

Any help would be appreciated! I realize this may just be impossible based on the limitations Apple has set in place. Thank you again!