Good Headphones?

I have been using a pair of Maxio Headphones for the past 2 years and they are starting to fall apart, i was beginning to consider replacing them with a new pair. I do not consider myself anything close to an audiophile but i also don't want to just by some crappy cheap pair.

The prime use of my headphones is for talking on the phone and listening to music from my Google Music library and some podcast i download. This being said, all the music i listen to is streamed or saved locally on the phone and is (i believe) at a max bit-rate of 320kbs. knowing this, i don't need some pro level phones because what i'm listening to isn't Uncompressed and able to take advantage of said quality. also since i use them to make phone calls i would really like them to have a Mic and maybe some controls. the mic is the important part though.

I figured i would post the question here as there is no Audio specific Forum and i mainly use Google Music as my service of choice.

Thanks in advance for the advice!