The Year in Cameras - 2012

I believe everyone agrees 2012 has been a fantastic year for photography-afficionados. Every camera category, from tiny cameraphones up to the top-of-the line medium-format beasts, has seen massive improvements. The m43 sector has matured to the point of really being able to cannibalise on entry-level DSLRs. We've witnessed the birth of new camera types, like the 1" premium compact or the (more affordable) redefinition of the classic rangefinder camera.

So what's your 2012 wrap-up? What camera is your favourite of 2012? Which ones exceeded your expectations? Which ones disappointed? What do you expect for 2013?

Here are my answers:

Camera of the Year


Set aside the FUD about dust. this camera is a monster. It makes you forget everything that has a smaller sensor. It's my first full-frame DSLR and I absolutely love it. My 30+ year old AI-s lenses mount and work perfectly. I am simply blown away by the low-light performance. I literally find nothing to complain about. Image quallity, build quality and ergonomics are simply outstanding.

Exceeded expectations

Pemium mirrorless (X-Pro 1, OM-D)

Good to see that this segment is deleveloping nicely. More and more prime lenses are being released and the manufacturers did a good job to differentiate them away from the entry-level DSLRs towards (affordable) rangefinders.


Nikon S800c and Galaxy Camera

Half-baken products with an obsolete OS at an excessively high price point. For $500+ you are much better off wifi-ready Canon S 110 and a Nexus 4.

Also disappointed

Nokia PureView 808

The camera might be fantatsic, but it really breaks my heart seeing it shipping with that horrible Symbian. If it came with Android, I would have bought it right away, I even would have considered buying it with Windows Phone 7. But Symbian? No thanks. Too many bad memories.

Most excited about / biggest surprise

Leica Monochrom

It took some serious balls to release a monochrome camera in 2012. If only I had the money...

Expectations for 2013

Cameraphones with (fortunately) stall at around 8MP and manufacturers will concetrate on optics and software

Unfortuntately a new MP-race in he entry-level DSLR segment (I'm looking at you, D5200 and D3200)

First DSLRs with 4K-support. Have fun waiting for it to render and upload...

So, go ahead and tell us how your photographic 2012 has been!