Why iOS 7 will not be a major redesign.

Now that Jony Ive has taken the reigns of iOS design many people are hoping for a redesign of the iOS. Compared to Android that has gone through many changes and added many features, iOS is looking stale and boring. But taking a look at Apple's history they have never done a huge redesign of anything. The jump from Mac OS 9 to OSX was not major but just a refined experience. There jump from plastic to aluminum was a small one as well, the designs of there PC's stayed largely the same. Jony Ive has done some amazing things with design but they have all really been refinement, excluding new products like the 1st Gen iPad or 1st Gen iPhone. Now Apple has a huge consumer base and people keep on coming back. The thing they keep coming back for is consistency and refinement. The average consumer doesn't want radical change they want something thats consistent and refined. They know that with each new product they buy it will we smoother, faster and similar to what they had before. For that reason we will not be seeing a redesign with iOS7,8,9 etc.