WP8/Surface/Lenovo Yoga adverts

I'm getting slightly shocked at the scale of which Windows 8 and Windows Phone is being marketed, everywhere I go there's a Windows 8 advert, a Surface advert or one for Windows Phone. Infact, my commute to work (40mins) see's me pass THREE Surface billboards, and one for Windows Phone. Every advert break I seem to notice the Surface or a Windows Phone advert - and the city centre is covered in Windows Phone adverts.

At the cinema, twice this week, I've seen adverts for Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, the Surface AND the Lenovo Yoga. These are audiences that are full - Skyfall (a few weeks ago), The Hobbit (yesterday) and Seven Psychopaths (earlier this week). In the same ad sequence there was only one competitor ad - Google Chromebook.

I was on a bus yesterday, and I had a Windows Phone (HTC 8S), my friend had the Lumia 710 and someone else had a black Lumia 800. Then at the cinema, I saw someone else with the HTC Titan. I've seen quite a few Windows Phone's around, but never really this often. Last week someone had a Lumia 800 in a club, a student in the same lift as me had the Samsung Onima M, the directors sister also has the same phone, and 6 people on my Facebook also are "using Facebook for Windows Phone". Back when I had my HTC Mozart on launch, it was rare for people to know what it was, and it was months until I noticed someone else with the same device.

I follow O2 UK on Facebook and their recent Christmas promotion puts people wishing for the "Lumia 800" just behind those who want the "Samsung Galaxy" - which again, shows Nokia is building it's brand.

I just think this launch - more than ever - Microsoft is way more high profile. Especially with regards to Windows Phone, it seems out there, people know about it, and it's almost very hard not to know about it. I have no doubts that Windows Phone 8 will sell very, very well in the coming months. But, I am also seeing a lot of ad space taken by Google, for Chromebook, especially on TV.