Japanese bathrooms are about to become a little more interactive, thanks to a new smartphone-controlled toilet known as the Satis. Manufactured by Tokyo-based Lixil, this Bluetooth-enabled commode can be controlled with an Android app called "My Satis," allowing users to flush, raise the toilet seat, and activate a bidet jet stream with the touch of a button. The app also lets you stream music through the toilet's speakers and will automatically monitor "usage history," giving you a better idea of how much electricity and water you're consuming with each visit.

The app could offer health benefits, as well, as its calendar feature lets users keep a running journal of their daily habits. Perhaps best of all is the fact that the toilet can recognize you via Bluetooth as you're approaching, and will adjust water pressure and other settings accordingly.

A more personalized bathroom experience

Japan already has a reputation for intelligent toilets, with the Toto Washlet standing out as the most prominent example. The Washlet performs many of the same functions as the Satis, offering customizable seat warmers, spray deodorizers, and adjustable jet streams, but the Satis' smartphone integration certainly sets it apart.

The Lixil Satis will be available in three models as of February 2013, with prices ranging from ¥199,500 to ¥389,550 (approximately $2,385 to $4,657).