What if... Nexus 4 ran iOS6, iPhone ran 4.2

There are Apple, and Android fan boys, we all know that, and they will fight to the death in the heat of an argument. But do the android fan boys just hate iOS because its Apple??

What if Google had released an iOS-like mobile OS, and Apple's OS was more like, say Jelly Bean. Would the android fan boys be all over the features of iOS in comparison to Android. I'm not going to get into the pros and cons of each, but I have had a great amount of experience with both (Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, GS3, iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPad 3, Mini) and i can fairly say that they are both great in their own ways.

I just get the feeling that, although yes, iOS is getting old, and boring, android fan boys are only shooting down iOS because its Apple, and not that the OS is really that bad. There is a lot to like about iOS, and android, but it once someone chooses to be with one side, they will kill (not really...I hope) to win a battle over which is better.

So all I'm suggesting is what if Apple devices were running Jelly Bean, and the Nexus 4 was running iOS 6, how would both parties feel about that?