Sleep/wake issues after latest Mountain Lion update?

Anyone else seeing weird sleep/wake behavior after the last ML update?

When i used to close the lid of my macbook prior to that, it would go to sleep, and then in the morning when i lift the lid, it would turn on, almost instantly, but now when i close the lid, in the morning when i lift it, the screen is grayed out and theres a progress bar at the bottom, takes a good 40-90 seconds to become responsive. Still sleeps normally when i close the lid for short periods like for 20 minutes or so, and wakes instantly.

It appears to be saving the RAM/computer state to HDD, and then copying back to RAM on wake. I know this in itself is not an unusual function, but It never used to do that before, and I can't seem to find any sleep/hibernate settings worth a damn in the "System Preferences", for me to change to my preference.

any ideas?