If you work with Microsoft products and use GMail you're doing it wrong

I've noticed that a very large percentage of IT workers who support Microsoft products at work have Android phones and GMail accounts. Google's recent decision to discontinue ActiveSync support for GMail, coupled with their intent to not write a GMail-compatible app for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, makes it clear that their long-range intention is to cripple market adoption of these nascent competing platforms, and eventually destroy Microsoft.

In light of this obviously hostile move, I am wondering why these IT workers should continue supporting Google by using GMail/Android, when doing so is obviously a negative for their own long-term welfare? In a nutshell, you are aiding and abetting The Enemy.

There is an ongoing ecosystem war, with Google trying its utmost to destroy Microsoft because these two companies have diametrically opposed business models: Google gives away software and services for free so it can make money by selling your personal information to the highest bidder, while Microsoft sells software and services to make money so it doesn't have to hurt its users by revealing their personal information to third parties.

If you work with Microsoft products and use GMail you're doing it wrong. Switch completely over to the Micrososft ecosystem and encourage your circle to do the same. There will be some short-term pain, but you and your friends/family will reap the benefits of using what is currently the best integrated cloud-based ecosystem among the Big Three.