Windows Phone 8 the only Iphone Competitor

I hear a ton of arguments that I should chose the phone that best fits into my eco-system. The eco-system debate does not apply to me in any way. I use a Windows PC because I need office and do not want to learn to navigate it in OSX (an impossible task, I am sure). I have a Nexus 7 for games and web browsing and an IPhone 4s for a phone because it provides the best navigation, e-mail, SMS, call quality, and battery life out of the box. I liked my phone because I was not forced to change or download anything for what I considered a primary function.

The Iphone quickly ruined its name for me with Apple Maps which provided sub-par navigation which then forced me to download Google Maps that I cannot even set as default map provider. I realized if I am going to be forced to download 3rd Party Apps for something I consider to be a primary function I might as well choose a phone that will cost less and provide a better form factor than the Iphone.

I tried to think about what other phone I might want. (Verizon Customer). I looked through all the Android offerings and quickly found that every flagship phone was 4.7” or larger. The only phones with a 4.3-4.5” screen are Windows Phones. I feel this size is a sweet spot for phones. It is the reason I will be choosing a Windows Phone over an Android phone. As a plus it also appears that Nokia has a great Map service and fits all of my other needs. Does anyone else share this opinion? Why do you think no Android manufacturer makes a smaller 1st class phone?

It leads me to believe that Android OEMs refuse to make a small phone because it is hard to compete with the Iphone. This makes the Windows Phone the only alternative (on Verizon) to the Iphone 5 strictly because of form factor.